Welcome to the NeCODP Data Discovery and Download Portal!

The goal of this portal is to provide an improved ability to discover and download environmental data sets from the greater Gulf of Maine region and it's contributing watershed. Through this web portal, users can query, display and download datasets that have been submitted by participants in the project.

This project was funded by the National Environmental Exchange Network and participants were partners from the Northeast and Coastal Ocean Data Partnership. The primary purpose of this project was to share ocean and coastal data using Exchange Network (EN) protocols. For more information on the project, visit the About page.

Access the Data

The data can be accessed using the Interactive Map or through the Query by Organization and Query by Characteristic pages.

Join the Exchange

The initial launch of the application contains a limited number of data sets from the partners formally participating in the project, but we hope to encourage other members of the partnership to join. Follow this link for more information on participating in this exchange.