ODPX Schema


The ODPX schema, along with example xml files and other useful information can be found at the links listed below.

ODPX Schema: http://www.gomoos.org/schema/

Sample Documents (and code) may be found here:

Data Exchange Template (DET):

  • ODPX Data Exchange Template - The Data Exchange Template (DET) is an excel spreadsheet that describes the ODPX schema in human-readable format. The DET defines the business rules for each field of the schema. It also includes the domain lists for the fields that require them.

For more information on participating in the data exchange, please read: Preparing and Submitting Data to the NeCODP Node.

Notes on the schema:

  • The values in the DET domain list were used to create XML enumerations for validating data. Most of the domain lists are consolidated in this file:


  • Unfortunately it has not been practical to include all the domain lists. (SubjectTaxonomicNameEnumeration has over 29K entries and that slows the XML editor.)

That domain list enumeration has been split into a separate file found here:



If you have questions or comments about the schema, or need additions to the domain lists, contact Ian Ogilivie - iogilvie@gmri.org