Windsor Node Client Lite

Windsor Solutions, developer of the OpenNode2, which is the basis for the Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership's Exchange Network Node, makes a Windows version of an Exchange Network Node client, the NodeClientLite2. Node Client Lite is a Windows application. At this time, there is not a mac option for submitting data via client software.

Note1:You will need a Network Authentication and Authorization Service (NAAS) account to use this software. It is essentially a user name and password. To obtain your user name and password email with the email address and (optionally) password you'd like to use. This email address will receive notifications from the node.

Note2: The NodeClientLite2 is a Microsoft .NET application. You may be prompted to install other .NET components not mentioned here.

The first step of the installtion is to download and install the software available here. Look for the Download Button....

After agreeing to their terms you'll have a dialog offering "Open" and "Save" choices. Save is recommended so you will have a backup of something you know works should the unthinkable happen...


Once the download is complete Open the folder....

Once you open the folder Windows Explorer will show you the directory with the downloaded file. The file is named "". Impossible to read here but highlighted in Blue....


Double click on "" and Windows will extract a .exe file with a name similar (version numbers keep changing) to "NodeClientLite2_2.0.9.0.exe" .... Again impossible to read here and not highlighted in blue.

This is NOT the client but what's called a "self extracting executable". Double click on the file, something like "NodeClientLite2_2.0.9.0.exe", to begin the installation.

First is the Security warning. Click "Run".

Then comes the Setup wizard. Click Next...

You will be asked where you would like to install the software. The default is on your C: drive but you can choose another location if you need to. Click Next to continue.

The installation is finished and you can begin using the program. Click Finish to launch NodeClientLite2.


An Icon has been added to your Start Menu under "All Programs" the next time you need to use the client.

 NodeClientLite2 will ask you for your NAAS Account. Enter your user name and password (See Note1 at the top). These are stored as "Preferences".

To connect to the node use this url as the "endpoint"

(odpdx  for Ocean Data Partnership Data eXchange)

Select the "New (v, 2.0)" radio button since we are using the Node 2 and press connect.

NOTE 1: The image below has many different test URL's in the Endpoint column, yours will probably be blank.

NOTE 2: Remember to select the "New (v, 2.0)" radio button...


 The dialog should show a connection progress bar and then...

 To Submit an XML file to the ODPX flow choose Upload Documents from the left hand navigation.

The dialog will change to show new input fields (see image below).

In Data Flow: type in "ODPX".

Leave Transaction Id: as a blank (you will receive a transaction id back from the Submit ).

Use the Add: button to select the ODPX_Examle.xml file. You can find at
(Click on link to open ODPX_Example.xml file, and save to your desktop).

Your dialog should look like the one below. Press the Submit button.


A Transaction Id will be returned. Your document has been successfully submitted to the node. Send (cut and paste) the "Document Submission Results" from the dialog below to so we'll have a "paper trail" of your success!

NOTE: this indicates that the document has been accepted for processing.  You will receive an email if there are errors when the file is processed by the node. The exact sequence and messages is still To Be Determined....